Day Combination fishing trips

Our day fishing trips typically last 12+ hours.  We meet at the dock ready to go at 6 AM each morning and usually return to the dock at 6 PM or later.  When booking one of our Day Combination Fishing Trips you have the option to book by the seat or book the whole boat.  Booking the whole boat has its advantages, to include a discounted price and the ability to customize the trip (e.g., target species, priorities, timeline).  Plus, if you book the whole boat, you will be able to choose your fishing companions!  For more detailed information on fishing trips, click here to see what you can expect, what we provide, and what you'll need to bring.

Day Combination Fishing Trip



Overnight fishing trips are hands down the most cost-effective way to fill your freezer and have a chance at catching a trophy fish.  An overnight trip maximizes your fishing time since we only have to motor to the fishing area once and then we spend the rest of the time fishing!  For now, these trips are only offered through a whole boat reservation, not by the seat.  However, we are entertaining the idea of providing a sign up sheet in order to link up individual clients for overnight trips, if there is enough interest.  For more detailed information on fishing trips, click here to see what you can expect, what we provide, and what you'll need to bring.

Overnight Combination Fishing Trip


What to expect on our trips

Our day trips start at 6 AM and we appreciate your timeliness and consideration of others booked on the boat, so we can depart on time.  If you have the entire boat booked and want to modify the standard hours, please contact Captain Will at least one day in advance (preferably more) to make arrangements.  If our standard hours won't work for you, we will accommodate your needs to the greatest extent possible.

Each trip starts off by loading everyone and their gear onto the boat, recording everyone's fishing license information in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game log book, and conducting a quick safety brief.  Once the paperwork is out of the way, we push off and head out for a scenic boat ride to our fishing grounds.  Generally, it's anywhere from a 2 1/2 hr - 4 hr ride to where we fish (primarily determined by weather/sea conditions and client priorities).  This trip is a great opportunity to take pictures and videos of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife in the Prince William Sound region.  It's normal to see Humpback whales, Orcas (killer whales), sea lions, Dall's porpoises, puffins, sea ducks, and other wildlife on the way out.

Once we reach our fishing area, Captain Will performs a quick equipment demonstration before we begin fishing either on anchor or drift fishing, depending on the current, tide, weather, and what type of fishing has been the most productive.  From that point on, we will continue to fish and may change locations or methods, depending on the day's bite.  If fishing is not productive in a given area, we will not stay put.

After we are done fishing for the day, we begin our journey back to Valdez and keep our eyes open for any marine wildlife.  As a long day of fishing and fresh air can make one tired, some clients opt to catch a nap within the Bold Eagle's comfy accommodations.  If we see anything of interest on our way back and clients are interested, we will stop to take a look and take some photographs.

Once we arrive back at the dock, we will disembark the vessel and offload gear.  At that point, clients may watch us unload their fish or meet us at the fish cleaning area where we will hang and rinse the fish for a great photo opportunity.  From there, we will separate your fish and turn you over to the professional dockside fish cleaners.  They will cut and clean your fish however you desire for a small, very reasonable fee.  The cleaners are good, not to mention fast.  It is quite a show to watch these professionals quickly process a day's catch.  From that point you have a handful of options from which to choose.  You may take your processed fish in a cooler and care for them yourself or wheel them a short distance to one of Valdez's two fish processing shops.  Fish Central and Easy Freeze are both ready to assist in all your processing needs and have a wide variety of services, to include professional vacuum packing, flash freezing, storage, shipping, and many more options.


What do you need to bring?

- A great attitude and desire to have a great time

- Valid Alaska fishing license (NOTE:  We are unable to sell these on the boat, therefore licenses must be purchased prior to fishing)

- Layers of warm clothing, rain gear, and sturdy footwear (waterproof boots are highly recommended)

- Lunch and snacks

- Drinks

- Camera

- Prescription medications and/or seasick medication (as needed)



- Illegal drugs (which includes marijuana, despite some state laws)

- Weapons are prohibited

- GPS tracking devices

- Please leave your oversized coolers in port.  You'll have an opportunity to retrieve them for your catch once we arrive back at the dock.



We are blessed to have a wide variety of fish within reach of the Bold Eagle from Valdez.  Possibilities  are endless and you never really know what's coming out of the water next when fishing on our combination fishing trips.

Halibut:  This is what brings most people to Valdez.  The halibut fishing is incredible and Valdez is certainly high on the list of the hottest halibut fisheries.  Alaskan halibut grow to be giant "barn door" fish and it is common for us to catch several fish exceeding 100 lbs each season.  Halibut fishing is a science that takes years of experience and a lot of practice to master.  Captain Will is passionate about catching big fish and ensures all of his clients have the trip of a lifetime.  The combination of his experience, dedication, and great expectations give you an excellent shot at catching a trophy halibut on your trip.  Captain Will will never attempt to influence you to keep a small halibut in hopes of going home early and will always give you an honest assessment and opinion of your catch.  It's up to you what you keep and there is never any pressure to keep any of the fish you catch.  We constantly strive to help clients catch their biggest fish and put them on the derby board.  The current limit on halibut is 2 per day (one any size and one 28" or less)/4 in possession.

Ling Cod:  Ling cod season opens on July 1st.  These vicious fish are known for their aggressiveness and fight they bring, as well as being great table fare.  Each year we catch several trophy-sized ling cod (55 lbs or 53 inches catch and release), that are eligible for a Trophy Fish Certificate from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Trophy Fish Program.  We catch these "wolves-of-the-sea" while fishing for halibut on occasion, but usually target them by drift fishing with lighter tackle, which further increases the fight and experience.  Ling cod are so aggressive they are often caught by attacking a rockfish that is already hooked.  This powerful fish is sure to make the most avid fisherman/woman long for their next fishing experience.  The current limit on ling cod is 2 per day/4 in possession.

Rockfish:  We are fortunate enough to have a plentiful population and variety of Rockfish in our fishing grounds.  Most trips we limit-out on a variety of rockfish, which are not only colorful, but also make for great table fare.  Many people are surprised by the pleasant, buttery flavor of these fish.  Most often we catch Yellow Eye Rockfish, Black Rockfish, Tiger Rockfish, China Rockfish, Yellowtail Rockfish, or Dusky Rockfish.  That being said, there are 32 different kinds of Alaskan Rockfish that are possible to catch while fishing in the Gulf of Alaska.  Each year we catch several trophy-sized Yellow Eye Rockfish (18 lbs), that are eligible for a Trophy Fish Certificate from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Trophy Fish Program.  The limit on Rockfish is currently 4 per day/8 in possession, of which only 2 per day/2 in possession may be non-pelagic fish.

Salmon:  Typically Coho (silver salmon) return to our fishing grounds in good numbers and are caught on our combination fishing trips.  They start to show up around mid July and stay through late August in catchable numbers.  Once these tasty salmon have arrived, we may target them after filling up on halibut, ling cod, and rockfish.  The limit for coho salmon is 6 per day/12 in possession inside the Valdez "Terminal Harvest Area" and 3 per day/3 in possession outside the Valdez "Terminal Harvest Area."

Valdez Terminal Harvest Area

For more specific information on Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations for our fishing area click here.  Also, Alaska Department of Fish and Game definitions may be found here